Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Concept Resolution

Today is December 31st 2009. Ten days ago, I turned 25.

My goal is not to sound dramatic - I know that 25 is not old, nor is it anything to really worry about when one considers how long the average person lives now. Regardless, upon hitting 25 I was immediately aware of that fairly new concept people refer to as the "quarter life crisis". I began to look at the age 25 as a marker of some significance. For 25 years so far, I've been growing up. The ages from birth to 25 can easily be looked at as a period of youth morphing into adulthood. It made me pause, and ask myself what I wanted. It made me stop and wonder just exactly where my life was going in the years to come as well. After all, the past 25 years has flashed by me in the wink of an eye. The next quarter of my life will lead me into my thirties, my fourties and then my fifties. To say that a lot can happen between the ages of 25 to 50 is quite the understatement.

This blog is being put together on the eve of the next decade. I think this date offers a good amount of significance and a great point in which to begin this project.

What is the project?

Well, there is to be no set time frame as to when this blog is mean to end - in fact it is not being begun with any reason to end (as far as I can tell for now). Rather, this is a blog about beginnings. My project with this blog is to keep track of the things that unfold as I enter the next phase of life both age-wise and decade-wise.

Currently my life is this:

I graduated college with a BA in History in December of '08.
Prior to graduation, I entered into a reputable job in Aviation in '07, I was the first of everyone I knew to obtain a professional career spot.
I thought I was doing pretty good!

In May of '09 I was laid off.
Thus for the rest of this past year I have been out of school and out of work, with no set plan or goal as to what the near or far future was going to entail.
I still live at home, the clincher being that I've never moved out before. I even commuted to college so I can't harken back to being "out of the house" in the dorm capacity either.

Did I think I would end up as a 25 year old, floundering aimlessly through life? God no.

Am I dissapointed? You have no idea.

THUS: This blog.

I am recording my life: daily, weekly, monthly, whatever. I am forcing myself to set down for any who care - or don't care to see - exactly what I'm planning to do with my time. Rather than think up something I want to do only in my head - and then push it out of my head - I'm going to write it down here. Goals I've always thought about and never pursued - I will hopefully feel forced to pursue. Granted I'm no celebrity, and I'm certainly not someone with a following, but at least if I commit it to writing in a space where others can read it if it they found it, perhaps I'll feel encouraged to do more than just dream.

And maybe, just maybe, On New Years Eve of next year, I won't be writing as a 26 year old who is still wandering aimlessly with no sense of a change in her current situation on the horizon.

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