Wednesday, January 6, 2010


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Finding volunteer positions is a lot harder than one might think. I've even found volunteer stints that you had to submit a resume for. A resume! There have even been some that I was asked to interview for. Commute into Boston, interview with management and then wait for a call back. Sounds like a job to me. Here I am offering my assistance pay free. What kind of crap is that?!

My friends and I have had similar complaint rants with each other, venting our frustrations about the way our professional society works now-a-days also. The fact of the matter is this: A college education is not what it used to be. Applying for work with a Bachelors and sometimes even with a Masters - is simply not enough. You can't JUST be a college graduate, you must also be able to show several years of related internships, volunteer work and/or professional work just to qualify for an interview. Then MAYBE, MAYBE they'll send you for a second interview. And good luck to you in finding the time to have done all of the prerequisites if you had to work while in college. And when you think about it - the jobs my peers and I are after are not the upper echelon, its mere entry level, usually not enough to live on, and if it is, you're likely scraping by. Throw a few $30,000 loan debts in there and you're screwed well into your late 30's.

Is that the dream I been hearing so much about?

I've noticed the little ticker that counts my blog views has been hopping, so obviously theres traffic here, albeit no comments yet. But, if you are reading this - is there anyone else out there that has run into this, or knows someone who has? Does anyone else feel that our society has set the ladder of success too high off the ground for anyone to be able to reasonably grasp hold of it?

I am all for the idea of hard work - but honestly, one can make a pretty good argument that - given all the time spent going to class and volunteering/interning your time for free....theres no time left for actual "work". Just making the cut becomes a career all its own. And the great laughing stock is that for all the hard work....there are no jobs out there right now. Everyone got laid off. Well...10% anyway...

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